Homepage setup


GovPress – Home Page Set Up from Devin Price on Vimeo.


To create your homepage:

  1. Create a new page.
  2. Set the page template to ‘Home Page.’
  3. Save your page.

Hero unit

To set up the homepage hero unit:

  1. Go to ‘Widgets’ in WordPress admin.
  2. Add select widgets to the ‘Home Page Hero’ widget.
  3. Save widget.
  4. Refresh homepage and hero unit will display.

Icon menu

Create menu

  1. Create a menu with menu name ‘Icon.’
  2. Add your menu items.
  3. For ‘Theme locations’ select ‘Icon Menu.’
  4. Save your menu.

Add the icons

NOTE: Make sure you’ve selected the ‘CSS Classes’ checkbox in the ‘Screen Options’ tab in the top right of your screen in the ‘Menus’ section. Otherwise, you will not see this in the menu editor.

GovPress uses the Font Awesome icon set for the icon menu.

To add icons for each menu item:

  1. Navigate to the menu item’s ‘CSS Classes’ field.
  2. Input the Font Awesome code for your desired icon (ex: ‘fa-gavel’).
  3. Save menu.

Homepage featured widgets

Add widgets to your homepage template using the “Home Page Featured” widgets section.

GovPress home

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