Below are recommended plugins for many government-specific challenges.

Finding a ‘good’ plugin

How do you know if a plugin is “good?” Take a look at the right side of the plugin’s page and check to see that it has:

  • Recent and frequent updates (within the past several months)
  • High download count (tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands)
  • Strong user rating (four stars or higher)
  • Active support forums (with developer participation)

Recommended plugins

Kitchen sink

  • Jetpack: Supercharges your self-hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of


Performance and caching

Workflow and publishing

Business intelligence and analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Content organization and display


  • Gravatar: (via the official JetPack plugin) Generates user images based off of e-mail addresss
  • Social Media Widget: Display social media accounts

Other content


Generally speaking, WordPress is secure, out of the box, especially when you follow the best practices described in the  Hardening WordPress Codex page. Looking for more security? These plugins may prove useful: